GrantSolutions Training for NPS Awards and FFR Post-Award Reporting

The National Park Service along with other Department of Interior agencies has transitioned to GrantSolutions for all financial assistance awards and post-award reporting.  Recipients of current and future awards are required to have access to this new system and to use it regularly.  To request an account in GrantSolutions, please follow the four steps included in the attached PowerPoint slide.

There are also several online resources that you can access to help your organization or institution understand the system, as well as provide training in the awarding and the Federal Financial Reporting (FFR) process.  Training videos can be accessed on the GrantSolutions webpage located here: Recipient Training Videos – GrantSolutions.  A brief list of FAQs addressing common questions about the new process is also attached to this message.

Any questions regarding account requests or system issues must be directed to the GrantSolutions Help Desk.  The contact information is below:

EMAIL: -or-
​​​​​​​CALL: (202) 401-5282 or (866) 577-0771, Mon-Fri 7am-8pm Eastern Standard Time

Additional Resources: