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RSOI: Develop Preservation Maintenance Guide for the George Washington Memorial Parkway for Outdoor Sculpture

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Opportunity Type: Requests for Statements of Interest (RSOIs)
Submission Deadline: May 3, 2024

Chesapeake Watershed Cooperative Ecosystem Study Unit (CW CESU)

 Letter of Research Interest (LOI)

 Title:  Develop Preservation Maintenance Guide for the George Washington Memorial Parkway for Outdoor Sculpture

There are many outdoor sculptures/statues/monuments/plaques under the jurisdiction of the George Washington Memorial Parkway (GWMP). Most are made of bronze and stone and require regular cyclical maintenance to preserve them in good condition. For several years the statues and memorials have been maintained on an “as needed” and funds available basis and not necessarily on a regular schedule/cyclical basis. A standardized operating procedure/program for basic cleaning and conservation treatments would greatly benefit the preservation of the sculptures and memorials under the jurisdiction of GWMP. Such a guide could enable crews to provide better basic preservation maintenance between funding cycles for major architectural conservation projects required to provide higher levels of treatments.

This project would work within the CESU network to provide an opportunity for youth (one for a year or two for six months each) to learn more about Facilities Maintenance and Resource Management and give the youth a chance to leave a lasting legacy, in the development of these preservation guides. This ties to the fund source goal to “develop leadership and career development” as well as “build a resource stewardship ethic” by engaging the youth involved in fundamental practices to preserve outdoor sculptures/statues/monuments/plaques throughout the park. By engaging the CESU network, the park can leverage existing relationships with colleges and universities in the area to recruit a diverse participant group, while supporting their ongoing educational experience. The youth will have the support of staff from both the park and region cultural resource program (GWMP and NCA) to provide direction and guidance for the course of the project.

George Washington Memorial Parkway, an administrative unit of the National Park Service (NPS) is responsible for managing over 7,300 acres of land in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. It includes the historic Mount Vernon Memorial Highway, Clara Barton Parkway, George Washington Memorial Parkway, Great Falls Park, Arlington House, Clara Barton House, Glen Echo Park, and historic fortifications from the 1860s and 1890s. The memorial core of the GWMP includes two presidential memorials dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson and several larger war memorials including the United States Marine Corps War Memorial and the Navy and Marine Memorial. Although the smaller outdoor sculptures/statues/monuments/plaques do not receive the same national attention they still warrant regular maintenance activities to preserve them.

Read more general information about the park at George Washington Memorial Parkway (U.S. National Park Service) (nps.gov)

Nature of Work Required

The CESU Principal Investigator and team would work with NPS personnel to inventory and evaluate the GWMP outdoor sculptures, statues, monuments, and plaques, to develop guides for the preventative maintenance and long-term preservation maintenance for the structural and landscape elements associated with the memorials.

Current ad hoc protocols for maintaining these outdoor features would be formally organized, supplemented, and replaced by a detailed, standardized procedure program. Such a preservation guide would include the basic cleaning and conservation treatment of outdoor features of stone and metal, cleaning and maintenance of the stone pedestals/bases, and repointing and caulking as necessary in a manner consistent with modern conservation and preservation policies and philosophies. It would also help provide condition data for long-range programming of major treatment projects beyond basic treatments. The primary purpose of the intern would be to plan, create, and publish Preservation Maintenance Guides for outdoor sculpture/statues/monuments/plaques under George Washington Memorial Parkway oversight. The Guide would be aimed at first-level preservation maintenance treatments that could be undertaken by park staff.


Existing Conditions Documentation – Prepare existing conditions documentation using digital photography and mapping. GIS will act as the primary platform for mapping and analysis in the project. ArcGIS will be used to create associated layers, maps, and a project geodatabase. Existing Conditions maps may be finalized in Adobe products such as InDesign or Illustrator, with an ArcGIS Pro-generated map providing the underlying structure. A geodatabase template can be downloaded from DataStore – Geospatial Dataset – (Code: 2182526) (nps.gov).  This geodatabase template contains all the various geodatabase objects required to implement the spatial data transfer standard data model.  The geodatabase contains all the various resource feature classes defined with the standard, as well as all the feature-level metadata fields and domain values.  The data transfer standard contains the minimum fields required but other fields may be added to meet the practical needs of the project.  Refer to the Cultural Resource Spatial Data Transfer Standards guidelines for additional information regarding the structure of the geodatabase and its functionality which can be downloaded from DataStore – Generic Document – (Code: 2182518) (nps.gov). The park will supply GIS layers of the most relevant data layers including vegetation and boundaries.

Historical Narrative – Prepare a historical narrative for each outdoor sculpture to include the following: a narrative that addresses the physical development, key challenges, regulatory context, and current programmatic operation and management.

Treatment Recommendation – Prepare a narrative and graphics as needed to illustrate treatment action for regular preservation maintenance activities specifying frequency, time of year, materials, products, and any safety advisories to maintain the outdoor sculpture.

Work Plan – Prepare a sample maintenance work schedule that can be used by the National Park Service for routine and cyclic maintenance procedures.

Additional Graphic Representation – Document the existing conditions using a variety of media to represent the setting for the outdoor sculpture within the cultural landscape (i.e., photos, drawings, sketches, etc.)

Project Timeframe*

Letter of interest response deadline – May 3, 2024
Start a project – Fall 2024
Interim drafts – Fall/Winter 2024/2025
Final – Summer 2025
*time frames are flexible and can follow an academic calendar and may be phased over multiple years

Proposal Format and Submission Information

Please submit a proposal that addresses key questions, information needs, indicated products, schedule, and detailed budget (NTE $60,000* expected project funding amount), electronically to Danny Filer (danny_filer@nps.gov) by 4:00 pm on 3 May 2024.  The proposal should be no more than five pages excluding CV attachments.

* Anti-Deficiency Act – 31 U.S.C.  1341 – Nothing contained in the RSOI shall be construed as binding the NPS to expend in any one fiscal year any sum over appropriations made by Congress for the purposes of this Agreement for that fiscal year, or other obligation for the further expenditure of money in excess of such appropriations.

Evaluation Procedure

Qualifying proposals will be evaluated on the thoroughness of addressing criteria:

  1. Principal Investigator and Team. Evaluation of the qualifications, reputation, and compatibility of the individual or individuals who will perform the project.
  2. Proposed Approach. Evaluation of the work to be performed to accomplish the goals outlined.
  3. Experience and Qualifications of Offeror. Evaluation of the quality and quantity of the Offeror’s experience and expertise in the areas proposed, supported by references.
  4. Capacity. Evaluation of the Offeror’s ability and commitment to meet the timeline for the Project.
  5. Cost Effectiveness, including detailed budget and justification.

NPS Contact for the Project

Maureen Joseph
Chief of Resource Management
George Washington Memorial Parkway
Turkey Run Park
McLean, Virginia 22101
202 734 0932

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