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RSOI: Special History Study - The Sandburgs' Views and Roles Related to African Americans and Civil Rights.

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Opportunity Type: Requests for Statements of Interest (RSOIs)
Submission Deadline: May 15, 2024

Project Title: Special History Study – The Sandburgs’ Views and Roles Related to African Americans and Civil Rights.

Funding Agency:  National Park Service.

Funding Available: The project will be funded up to $ 122,610.

Submission Deadline: May 15, 2024 by 5:00pm ET.

Applicant Eligibility: Open to any non-federal member of the CESU National Network.

Questions: Please contact William M. Hunter, Regional Historian, Interior Region 2 (Legacy Southeast Region), William_Hunter@nps.gov, (404) 450-5322.

Reponses: Email to Carol Daniels, carol_daniels@nps.gov by May 15th.

Responses to this Request for Statements of Interest will be used to identify potential investigators for a project to be funded by the National Park Service (NPS) and coordinated by Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site (CARL). The project involves the development and production of a special history study that uses research and analysis to document Carl and Lillian Sandburg’s views on and relationships with African Americans and the struggle for civil rights. These resources will enable CARL to develop interpretive and educational programs that expand understanding of the Sandburgs and connect visitors with African American history and culture.

This project requires a principal investigator(s) with a deep knowledge of American history and literature, with a focus on the African American experience and civil rights. prior experience researching, writing, and producing government reports, especially as related to NPS interpretive histories, historic contexts, or theme studies is preferred but not required. Demonstrated past performance on other research projects will be considered.

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