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Special History Study of the African American Families of Frederica

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Opportunity Type: Requests for Proposals
Submission Deadline: February 28, 2023

Project Title: Special History Study of the African American Families of Frederica


The NPS seeks to enter into a partnership with a university through a CESU agreement to complete a Special History Study of the African American Families of Frederica, Fort Frederica National Monument in Georgia. This type of study reviews and summarizes existing information and identifies new data needs. Information is derived primarily from existing archival and published materials and is supplemented with ethnographic interviewing.

Fort Frederica National Monument (FOFR) is a National Park Service unit located on St. Simons Island, Georgia. FOFR was established to tell the story of the British colonial experience (1736-1758) in coastal Georgia as well as the War of Jenkins Ear (1739-1748). FOFR is primarily an archeological park with ruins of colonial structures. In 2019, FOFR completed years of archeological research to locate a previously unknown burial site within the park boundaries. It is believed the burial site dates to the 1870’s based on initial research and consists primarily of African American individuals, likely from the surrounding area. Research indicates members of Robert S. Abbott, founder of the Chicago Defender, are buried in this location. In 2022, FOFR completed a remodel of their Visitor Center in which space was dedicated to telling stories outside the British Colonial History.


The research and publication of a special historic study will allow the park to comply with National Park Service policies and federal mandates. This information will fill the gap in the park’s understanding of the little known African American part of the park’s history, especially the background of Robert S. Abbott, an early Civil Rights Activist. Additionally, this information will ensure the preservation and protection of these currently unknown resources. Project will provide a foundation to park staff who can utilize the findings to expand and develop interpretive programs and literature for both the park and the Gullah Geechee National Heritage Corridor that FOFR is part of.

The completion of this study will enable park management to fully assess the current interpretation, protection and preservation practices related to these resources. This critical information will aid the park by providing factual information to the park’s interpretive, resources management and maintenance personnel. Documented research will result in interpretive programs that are based upon facts rather than guesses, opinions, and conjectures. The information will be shared with the park’s partners; the local Robert S. Abbott Race Unity Institute, local heritage sites like the African American Harrington School, and the Gullah Geechee National Heritage Corridor.


Prepare a Special History Study of the African American Families of Frederica by researching, developing, and publishing a collection of information on the following:

Associated Peoples – living people of varied ethnic or occupational backgrounds and their relationship to the park resources which may pre-date the establishment of the park by using local archives.

Traditional park users – document ethnic groups who identify with park landscapes and resources

Landscape resources – researchers visit the park with family descendants to allow them to describe the park from their perspective and to establish a record or memories, beliefs, traditions and uses of the land .

Objects – document objects used by associated peoples to determine and develop the correct interpretation for exhibits, media, and brochures.

Sites and Structures – determine existing structures which may be integral to a shared way of life or purpose. (Abbott Monument and possible gravesites).

Measurable Results

  • A technical report will be prepared that will provide staff and the public with definitive information on this primary resource. The report will provide recommendations to guide management on the protection and preservation of park resources.
  • An interpretive plan will be prepared that will provide staff with required information needed to correctly interpret the burial ground and associated history. The plan will be used in community meetings to discuss programming and heritage preservation needs.

Period of Performance

The agreement including a full scope of work must be signed by April 1, 2023. Work should begin no later than August 2023. The project must be completed within two years from the acceptance of the agreement.


There is approximately $64, 725.44 available for this project from which salaries, travel, consultation, fees, transcriptions, materials, and overhead must not exceed. Please use a 17.5% indirect cost rate when developing the proposal budget.

Proposal Evaluation

Proposals will be evaluated for selection according to:

  1. Experience/Qualifications of Research Team – provide a list of potential staff positions, including GRAs and/or interns. Include a description of the history/anthropology academic program and the experience of the PI and each member of the research team with emphasis on Gullah Geechee and Coastal Georgia History and how those qualifications compliment the goals and objectives of this study.
  2. Methodology – describe the methodologies you will use to execute this study as well as desired outcomes
  3. Budget – provide a reasonable budget of costs for this project. Please acknowledge that you would be able to perform the project within the stated financial ceiling

Submit electronic proposals to Michael Seibert by February 28, 2023.

Michael Seibert, Chief of Resources
Fort Frederica National Monument
National Park Service

Official RFP in PDF Format: NPS RFP African American Families of Fort Frederica