Jay Johnston

Jay Johnston

Collections Accountability Specialist
Phone: 202-633-3880

Research Interests

LGBT, Cultural Variation, Immigration, Sociology, Historic Research, Genealogy, Holocaust Studies, Russian-American History

Educational Background

  • MA Cross-Disciplinary Studies of Culture and Society from Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida.

Biographical Sketch

I speak Russian and English and am planning to pursue a PhD in History with the intent of eventually working with Museums, Archives, or the United Nations/UNESCO. I am looking for a position that will serve as catalyst toward a career developing International cultural preservation of living populations, specifically with sexual minorities within the United States. Independently I study political, medical, societal, and historical perspectives of LGBT populations and have a history of studying Humanities and Art/Music History in former education/careers. I live in a bilingual household, volunteer in my spare time, and independently study medicinal plants in my garden, social movements, and collect historical books.

Student of life! My one life's goal is to help people! At the moment I have the opportunity to be a M.A. student at Nova Southeastern University and am loving it. Looking to expand into a Ph.D. program. I have had some excellent experiences professionally, as well as served in the U.S. Army for eight years. I had three different specialties/jobs while serving (Computer Systems Detection Repairer, Chaplain Assistant, and Army Bandsman). During my time in the army, I successfully completed a bachelor's degree in Humanities, and will pursue a master's degree in Anthropology, but have most recently taken courses at the Art Institute of Seattle. In addition to all of that, I'm passionate about LGBT rights and am working with Grassroots Campaigns as well as studying the beautiful Russian language and cultures.

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