Thomas Ihde

Thomas Ihde

Research Assistant Professor

10545 Mackall Road

Saint Leonard, MD 20685

Phone: 443-885-5932
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Research Interests

Ecological Modeling, Stakeholder Engagement, Estuarine Ecology, Chesapeake Bay, Marine Policy, Population Assessment

Educational Background

I earned both my Master’s and PhD in Marine Science at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, at the College of William & Mary.  My post-doctoral studies were completed with the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, at the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory.

Biographical Sketch

I am a quantitative fisheries scientist specializing in applied estuarine fisheries ecology. Most of my work has been focused on the Chesapeake Bay, and providing resource managers with the quantitative metrics they need to make well-informed policy choices.  I am especially interested in the tension between development and conservation of critical fisheries habitats in a context of increasing coastal population growth and shifting climate trends, and in estimating the cumulative impacts of simultaneous stressors on the ecosystem services our aquatic ecosystems provide under different management strategies.

Other Research

Peer-reviewed Publications: 

Hood, R.R., G. Shenk, R.L. Dixon, W. Ball, J. Bash, R. Batiuk, K. Boomer, D.C. Brady, C. Cerco, P. Claggett, K.d. Mutsert, Z.M. Easton, A.J. Elmore, M.A.M. Friedrichs, L. Harris, T.F. Ihde, I. Lacher, L. Li, L. Linker, A. Miller, J. Moriarty, G. Noe, G. Onyullo, K. Rose, K. Skalak, S.M.C. Smith, R. Tian, T.L. Veith, L. Wainger, D. Weller, and Y.J. Zhang. 2021. The Chesapeake Bay Program Modelling System: Overview and recommendations for future development. Ecological Modelling 456:109635. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2021.109635

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Ihde, T.F., J.M. Hoenig and S.D. Frusher. 2008. An index-removal abundance estimator that allows for seasonal change in catchability, with application to rock lobster.  Transactions of the American Fisheries Society.  137:720-735.

Ihde, T.F., J.M. Hoenig and S.D. Frusher. 2008. Evaluation of a multi-year index-removal abundance estimator, with application to a Tasmanian rock lobster fishery. Fisheries Research. 89:26-36.

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Ihde, T.F. and M.E. Chittenden, Jr. 2003. Validation of presumed annual marks on sectioned otoliths of spotted seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus, in the Chesapeake Bay region. Bulletin of Marine Science. 72:77-87.

Ihde, T.F. and M.E. Chittenden, Jr. 2002. Comparison of calcified structures for aging spotted seatrout. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. 131:634-642.

Book Chapter:

Ihde, T.F., M.J. Wilberg, D.H. Secor, and T.J. Miller. 2011. FishSmart: harnessing the knowledge of stakeholders to enhance U.S. marine recreational fisheries with application to the Atlantic king mackerel fishery. Pages75-93 in T.D. Beard, Jr., R. Arlinghaus, and S.G. Sutton, editors. The angler in the environment: social, economic, biological, and ethical dimensions. Proceedings of the fifth world recreational fishing conference. American Fisheries Society, Symposium 75, Bethesda, Maryland.

Recent Technical Reports: 

Knoche, S., and T.F. Ihde 2018. Estimating ecological benefits and socio-economic impacts from oyster reef restoration in the Choptank River Complex, Chesapeake Bay. Report to the National Fish and Wildlife Service. Grant No. 0603.15.050444. Morgan State University PEARL #18-05. 68 p.

Knoche, S., G. Samonte, and T.F. Ihde. 2018. Estimating economic impacts of initial investments for oyster restoration in the Choptank region of the Chesapeake Bay. Report to the National Fish and Wildlife Service. Grant No. 0603.15.050444. Morgan State University PEARL #18-04. 11 p.

Massey, D.M., Moore, C., Newbold, S.C., Ihde, T., and Townsend, H. 2017. Commercial fishing and outdoor recreation benefits of water quality improvements in the Chesapeake Bay. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency National Center for Environmental Economics. Working Paper 17-02, 178 pp.

Ihde, T.F., I.C. Kaplan, E.A. Fulton, I.A. Gray, M. Hasan, D. Bruce, W. Slacum, and H.M. Townsend. 2016. Design and Parameterization of the Chesapeake Bay Atlantis model: a Spatially Explicit End-to-end Ecosystem Model. NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-F/SPO-166, 145 pp. ( )

Ihde, T.F., E.D. Houde, C.F. Bonzek, and E. Franke. 2015.  Assessing the Chesapeake Bay Forage Base: Existing Data and Research Priorities.  STAC Workshop Report, 12-13 November, 2014.  STAC Publication Number 15-005, Edgewater, MD.  198 pp.

Bilkovic, D.M. and T.F. Ihde. 2014. Review of the final report of the Sustainable Fisheries Goal Implementation Team Invasive Catfish Task Force. Chesapeake Bay Program Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee. No. 14-007, Edgewater, MD. 46 pp.

Ihde, T. and H. Townsend. 2013. Interview with Jason Link: Champion for Ecosystem Science and Management.  Fisheries. 38:363-369.

J.S. Link, T.F. Ihde, H.M. Townsend, K.E. Osgood, M.J. Schirripa, D.R. Kobayashi, S. Gaichas, J.C. Field, P.S. Levin, K.Y. Aydin, and C.J. Harvey (editors).  2010. Report of the 2nd National Ecosystem Modeling Workshop (NEMoW II), bridging the credibility gap - dealing with uncertainty in ecosystem models.  NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-F/SPO-102.


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